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Our Brain Is a Muscle…

January 31, 2013 Mental balance

brainModern psychologists consider the brain similar to a muscle that we can grow stronger through use and exercise. Thus, if we let ourselves be overwhelmed by negative thoughts this part will become stronger, to the detriment of the positive and confident side.

Once we find ourselves guilty of over working the pessimistic side, it’s time to work on the positive side of the mind.  Each time you detect fears and negative thoughts like: “I’m not good enough/ I’m not gonna make it”, at least two or three optimistic images should take their place. In other words, if  we want to change things, we have to balance our mind through positive images.  We will then be able to counterbalance the effect of the fears and allow the growth of the positive side.

In time, the imbalance between the “dark” si...

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Fighting Insomnia – Tips for a Good Night Sleep

January 31, 2013 Lifestyle

insomniaInsomnia is a a disease which can become chronic and seriously affect our health, causing depression, chronic fatigue and many other problems. Thus, it’s important to avoid sleep disorder in the first place by creating a healthy sleep routine. Dr. Mark Hyman recommends a few rules in order to have a good relaxing night’s sleep. Here are several of these rules.

First of all, ideally, you should start preparing about two hours before getting to bed by dimming the lights, reducing mental stimuli and maybe getting off the computer.

Our body has a rhythm of his own, that’s why we should try to go to bed and get up at the same hours every day...

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Dry Skin Brushing for a Perfect Skin

January 31, 2013 Beauty

dry skin brushingDry skin brushing is not only a beauty trick – although it does help to get a beautiful skin – but also a way to maintain the health of the body, as the skin is a primary channel of eliminating toxins. When you have skin troubles such as irritations or bad body odour, the odds of an internally toxic body are rather high. Before starting the dry skin brushing, you should be aware that although miracles might happen, they don’t necessarily happen over night, so you should continue the brushing daily for at least three months, in order to clean your lymphatic system.

 Here are just a few benefits of dry skin brushing: it improves skin texture and skin renewal by removing dead skin cells

- it improves skin texture and skin renewal by removing dead skin cells

- it helps the lymphatic drai...

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Healthy Eating Recommendations

January 31, 2013 Nutrition

healthy eatingNobody’s perfect, but we can always improve our lives and be healthier by making a few changes. Small steps are the key to success. If we can follow these rules, we can always go further and make other changes for more beneficial results. Here are a few healthy eating recommendations:

- Eat less meat (and, if possible, from a reliable source) if you can’t eliminate meat from your diet and more vegetables.

- Drink smoothies made of green leaves daily or as often as possible. Made in a blender, smoothies contain the whole fruit/vegetable, so you have all the fiber in your drink.

- Eat slowly and chew your food 35-40 times before swallowing.

- Try to relax and focus on positive things when eating.

- Limit the sugar in your diet, if you cannot take it out completely.

- Eat less and give your ...

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