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Lifestyle Tips for a Healthy Living

February 26, 2013 Lifestyle

healthy livingEvery day we can do little things for a healthy living: from the way we breath, to the way we think. Here are a few of them:

- Breath – it’s really important to take at least 60 deep correct breaths and then release the air carefully, every day.

- Rest – try to go to sleep earlier in the evening to make sure your organs have plenty of time to recover. Adults usually need about eight hours of sleep each night.

- Make time for yourself – it doesn’t have to be much time, 20 or 30 minutes a day are enough to relieve stress.

- Exercise – Three times a week is the least we can do to make sure our heart stays healthy and we keep our muscles trained...

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Almond Oil – 10 Beauty Tricks

February 20, 2013 Beauty

almond oilAlmond oil has a lot of benefits: you can enjoy it in the kitchen, for cooking, but also for cosmetic use: it is rich in vitamin E and D and suitable for any skin type. Here are 10 ways to use almond oil:

- It nourishes the skin, makes it smoother and deeply moisturizes it.

- It’s a gentle scrub for your face and lips when combined with sugar – massage your skin with circular moves and rinse with cold water.

- Used regularly in everyday face care, it lights dark circles and helps you get rid of problems like blemishes or acne.

- Regular use of almond oil prevents wrinkles and age spots.

- Almond oil nourishes your lips and skin – apply and gently massage for a few minutes. Almond oil has a soft sweet odour...

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Sugar – The Good and the Bad

February 16, 2013 Nutrition

sugarAlthough sweets are said to cheer us up when we are sad, the effects of refined sugar on our health can be disastrous. Studies carried out in Korea on men and women showed that a high glucose level in blood (greater than 140 mg/dL) increases the risk of cancer. In men the strongest association between a high glucose level and cancer was for pancreatic cancer and significant links were also found for cancer of the liver colon/rectum or esophagus. In women the most predominant cancers associated with sugar were of the liver and cervix.

 Nevertheless, the effects of sugar on our body are numerous and most of them really scary. Nancy Appleton, PhD and G.N. Jacobs identified 143 ways in which sugar can affect our health “Suicide by Sugar”. Here are just a few:

- It reduces the body’s abil...

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Improve Circulation at Work and Home

February 10, 2013 Sports

improve circulationEating as healthy as possible, positive thinking and prevention measures which support our health and beauty are not enough for a healthy life. Many of us have a job which keeps us seated for at least 8 or 9 hours per day and this is not great news for our feet circulation or general state of health. Moreover, some studies found it to be the cause of shortening our life significantly. So, at east 20-30 minutes of daily exercise is not a matter of choice but simply a must in order to  get in shape and improve circulation.

 A few tricks we could use at work

Sitting on a chair all day long can cause bad circulation of blood in feet. Here are some simple exercises that could help:

  • Once in a while lift your tip toes, alternatively with your heels...

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

February 2, 2013 Natural remedies

tea tree essential oilThere are many remedies provided by nature, that can help us solve minor health problems and sometimes even more serious problems. Tea tree essential oil is one of the most efficient and most popular natural remedies.

Tea tree or Melaleuca alternifolia aetheroleum Australian plant, was first introduced to Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. Its main properties are: antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and antiseptic.

According to tea tree essential oil producers, it can be used both internally, mainly for respiratory and ENT problems and for urogenital disorders. Externally it can be effective for skin problems, articulation problems and nervous disorders.

Studies have shown that tea tree essential oil is effective against germs like Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia col...

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