Dry Skin Brushing for a Perfect Skin

January 31, 2013 Beauty

dry skin brushingDry skin brushing is not only a beauty trick – although it does help to get a beautiful skin – but also a way to maintain the health of the body, as the skin is a primary channel of eliminating toxins. When you have skin troubles such as irritations or bad body odour, the odds of an internally toxic body are rather high. Before starting the dry skin brushing, you should be aware that although miracles might happen, they don’t necessarily happen over night, so you should continue the brushing daily for at least three months, in order to clean your lymphatic system.

 Here are just a few benefits of dry skin brushing: it improves skin texture and skin renewal by removing dead skin cells

- it improves skin texture and skin renewal by removing dead skin cells

- it helps the lymphatic drainage of the body

- it strengthens the immune system

- it increases the flow of blood which will tone the muscles and tighten the skin and it also stimulates the nervous system

- it helps with a more even distribution of fat deposits and reduces cellulite

 How to brush your skin

  1. The bristle should be natural, by all means, not a synthetic one, and have a long handle, so you can reach all the areas of the body.

  2. Skin brushing should be done daily, on a dry skin, before taking a shower. Some recommend that the skin brushing be performed first thing in the morning.

  3. You should start from the bottom of your feet upwards and then from the hands towards the shoulders, in long sweeping strokes, always towards the heart. Each area should be brushed several times and sensitive or injured areas should be avoided.

  4. Afterwards, when taking a shower, you should try and alternate hot and cold water, in order to stimulate blood circulation.

  5. Finish by drying off and massaging with plant oil – whichever you prefer, it could be coconut (the smell is delicious), almond, sesame etc.

  6. Last, but not least, don’t forget to clean the brush once a week and dry it thoroughly, preferably in a sunny place.

 An alternative to dry skin brushing – which also stimulates detoxification – is the hot towel: first you should wipe your skin with a dry towel in order to remove dead skin cells and then use a towel that has been sunk in hot water. You should focus especially on your underarms and groin to better activate the lymphatic system.

 If you are patient and diligent enough to perform the dry skin brushing every day you are likely to see the effects after the first three months.