Homemade Hair Conditioners

July 7, 2013 Beauty

homemade hair conditionersHair conditioners that we find in supermarkets can do a great job for our hair but they usually contain a lot of artificial ingredients. The alternative to these products could be homemade hair conditioners. This is a much cheaper solution than organic products but you might think that it takes lot of time and effort to make them. However, this is not always the case. You can use natural products to make your hair shiny and beautiful, in no time.

So, be ready to greed your new glossy and healthy hair, the natural way, even when you are on the run.


Beer has the power to revitalize you hair. All you have to do is use one cup of beer to rinse your hair, after you shampoo it. You can leave it on for about 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse it off or leave in. Don’t worry about the beer scent, it will disappear when the hair dries. You will be very pleased to see the results then.

Apple cider vinegar or lemon

Using apple cider vinegar – besides its other uses for health and beauty – after you shampoo your hair  will have a great effect on it. ACV makes your hair shine and can help you get rid of a very unpleasant problem: dandruff. Just put one or two tablespoons of ACV in a glass of water and rinse your hair. You can also use lemon instead of vinegar.

Baking soda

You can use baking soda by adding one tablespoon while shampooing or afterwards, when rising the hair. Baking soda removes all the chemicals in the hair – coming from hairstyling products like styling mousse, gel or hair sprays. After using baking soda the hair will be sparkling clean and shiny.


Last, but not least, you can use tea as a natural hair conditioner depending on your hair color. For dark hair you can use black tea, gently massaging the hair. Wait for a couple of minutes and then rinse the hair with water. Besides the natural shine, black tea can give your hair a more intense color. For blond hair you can use green and chamomile tea in equal parts. Your hair will be more beautiful and will get a more intense golden color.