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How to Attract Positive Energy

February 17, 2014 Mental balance

positive energyEverything around us – people or things – has a vibe to it which can impact our energy in a positive or negative way. Positive energy is much more than empty words and we can learn how to nurture and attract it. The thing is that we often don’t even realize that with our thoughts, words and actions we do just the opposite. Every time we worry for unimportant issues, every time we give into stress and receive everything as a burden, every time we say things such as “ugly”, “problem”, “I can’t take it anymore” we create the perfect environment for negative energy to take over.

So, what can we really do to be more positive? Of course it is easier said than done but let’s see a few tricks:

  1. Live for the moment – not for yesterday, not for tomorrow – Our life is made up of ...
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Why We Should Laugh More

August 19, 2013 Mental balance

laughLaugh and make others laugh! This is one of the unwritten rules that strengthen our social and personal relationships. Whether we realize it or not, we are more comfortable around the people we can connect up to and a good laugh is a great way to connect.

There are a few studies – not very extensive, though – which showed a multitude of other benefits that laughter has on us. From decreasing stress, to protecting the heart and managing pain, these are only a few of its benefits on our body.

Psychological benefits

Healthy Relationships

The quality of our relationships keeps us mentally balanced. Our friends, our family, our partner help us meet the challenges of life. Neuroscients Robert Provine, PhD, quoted by Psychology Today studied laughter which occurred spontaneously in everyday...

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Are You the Success-Type Personality?

June 27, 2013 Mental balance

successOne of the things Dr. Maxwell Maltz deals with in his book Psycho-Cybernetics is success. When we feel down we should stop and take a close look at ourselves. Here’s a short checkup list that might be leading us towards success or the opposite direction, if we lack some of these personality traits. Dr. Maltz presents the ingredients of a success-type personality as 7 words which compose the very word SUCCESS:

Sense of direction – Our life is balanced as long as we have a goal to reach. Otherwise, we feel unhappy and aimless, without a clue about what we really want or what success means to us. Dr Maltz compares this with a bicycle which maintains poise and equilibrium provided it is heading forward.

Understanding – Understanding depends on good communication, which is vital for the funct...

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One Hobby and No Stress

April 13, 2013 Mental balance

HobbySometimes our lifestyle is so stressful that it seems to wipe off all the joy. We are so tense that we forget to smile and enjoy the little things. But the more intense the stress, the more we should focus on finding activities to relieve stress. Finding a hobby is one of the most pleasant and fulfilling ways to counterbalance a stressful job and enrich our lives.

The best thing about a hobby is that it doesn’t require previous experience. Once you find it you simply have to take the time to do it, whether it’s reading, working out, gardening, keeping a pet or taking pictures.

If you are in search of a hobby you could try more activities until you find the ONE. And it would be best to choose something that you can afford...

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Stress – Too Dangerous Not to Handle

March 28, 2013 Mental balance

stressWhat is stress?

We all agree that stress – in its negative perception – is the feeling that we face a great pressure, too big to handle. Nevertheless, it is also true that everybody has his/her own limit. What is “too much” for me can be quite OK for somebody else or the other way around.

Usually we think of stress as being caused by external factors – the job or major life changes like a divorce or financial problems – but there are also internal factors. These may refer to a pessimistic attitude, lack of assertiveness or maybe some (too great) expectations which are not realistic.

Long-term exposure to stress can have serious negative effects on our health, causing heart diseases, digestive problems, insomnia and depression, autoimmune diseases...

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Happiness in “Psycho-Cybernetics”

March 3, 2013 Mental balance

happinessI’m not a big fan of self-help books, many of them have as only purpose becoming a best-seller. They are often made of empty words with no practical advice that could lead to a real change in the reader’s life. But I enjoyed dr. Maltz’ Psycho-Cybernetics: A New Way to Get More Living out of Life very much, as I considered it is based on logical arguments that can really help us understand things better and make improvements.

He starts his chapter about happiness with a quote from dr. John A. Schindler: happiness is “A state of mind in which our think is pleasant, a good share of the time”. Later on, he argues that happiness is native to the human mind...

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Our Brain Is a Muscle…

January 31, 2013 Mental balance

brainModern psychologists consider the brain similar to a muscle that we can grow stronger through use and exercise. Thus, if we let ourselves be overwhelmed by negative thoughts this part will become stronger, to the detriment of the positive and confident side.

Once we find ourselves guilty of over working the pessimistic side, it’s time to work on the positive side of the mind.  Each time you detect fears and negative thoughts like: “I’m not good enough/ I’m not gonna make it”, at least two or three optimistic images should take their place. In other words, if  we want to change things, we have to balance our mind through positive images.  We will then be able to counterbalance the effect of the fears and allow the growth of the positive side.

In time, the imbalance between the “dark” si...

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