Cinnamon Health Benefits

March 21, 2013 Natural remedies

cinnamonWith its enchanting and unmistakable flavour, cinnamon is a tasty ingredient in many food products. It is also known as a natural remedy used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. Moreover, several modern studies found beneficial effects of cinnamon in case of health problems like diabetes or high cholesterol, while other studies could not establish the same connection.

Here are some of the cases in which cinnamon is said to have a positive effect:

- In Chinese medicine it is considered able to release blocked energies which can cause pain and abdominal problems. Thus, the vital energy or qi can circulate again in the body and the pain is relieved. It is also used to treat colds and improve circulation because of its warming effect.

- It could play a role in lowering the level of blood sugar and help treat diabetes (especially a type of cinnamon called cassia), studies show.

- Cinnamon could lower the level of bad cholesterol, according to the same studies.

- It is considered to have antifungal and antibacterial properties, especially against Candida Albicans and Helicobacter Pylori.

- It could eliminate headaches.

Used in mouthwashes and gargles, it fights germs and can be effective in treating mouth infections.

- It is even said to stop the proliferation of certain cancers like leukemia and lymphoma.

Risks of using cinnamon

The recommended daily amount of cinnamon varies from a quarter to about one teaspoon. Nevertheless, no serious side effects have been detected when using cinnamon, except when we’re talking about very high quantities. Cassia cinnamon could be toxic for people with liver problems or bleeding disorders, as it can thin the blood. These effects are caused by an ingredient called coumarin.

Because of the lack of enough evidence pregnant women shouldn’t use excessive quantities of cinnamon, nor cinnamon based supplements.

However, while some of its benefits are still debatable, many agree that adding cinnamon to sweets, coffee or tea adds an unique savor and makes it more enjoyable.