Healthy Eating Recommendations

January 31, 2013 Nutrition

healthy eatingNobody’s perfect, but we can always improve our lives and be healthier by making a few changes. Small steps are the key to success. If we can follow these rules, we can always go further and make other changes for more beneficial results. Here are a few healthy eating recommendations:

- Eat less meat (and, if possible, from a reliable source) if you can’t eliminate meat from your diet and more vegetables.

- Drink smoothies made of green leaves daily or as often as possible. Made in a blender, smoothies contain the whole fruit/vegetable, so you have all the fiber in your drink.

- Eat slowly and chew your food 35-40 times before swallowing.

- Try to relax and focus on positive things when eating.

- Limit the sugar in your diet, if you cannot take it out completely.

- Eat less and give your system enough time to process the food between meals.

- Drink at least eight glasses of water (as pure as possible) daily.

- Choose fruit and vegetables that come from healthy soil, whenever possible.

- Don’t eat things that pretend to be anything else – artificial sweeteners, margarine (fake butter), no ‘low fat’ sour cream, artificial flavours.

- Stick to local products. Here are some very wise words I read somewhere: “Don’t eat anything that took more energy to ship than to grow.”

Last, but not least, always keep in mind that healthy eating is important but there’s much more to do for our body and mental health.