Properties of Himalayan Salt

October 16, 2013 Nutrition

Himalayan saltAt first glance we might be tricked into thinking that salt is just salt, so it’s all the same. But this isn’t actually true. Besides the salt that we usually find in hypermarkets, which contains chemical substances, there is one kind of salt with special properties: Himalayan salt. It is considered the purest salt in the world, being extracted from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan, without any mechanical devices.

Common salt is very poor in minerals. It contains mostly sodium chloride, iodine and even sugar. Being processed at very high temperatures, it becomes a salt that the body sees as an invader – the sodium chloride. According to some studies, the body wastes a lot of cellular water trying to neutralize the sodium chloride in table salt. Some of the wanted effects of this process could be cellulite, kidney or gallbladder stones, or arthritis.

Why is Himalayan salt so special

Unlike ocean salt, which can be affected by pollution, Himalayan salt is very pure and it is said to contain 84 minerals and elements. These minerals can be easily absorbed by our body cells. Its high content of minerals influence its colour, which varies from white to pink and red.

Himalayan salt can be included in our diet or used for external treatments with beneficial effects for our health. It is said to:

- enhance the absorption of food by the intestinal tract

- balance the body’s pH

- control and balance the water levels in the body

- promote health of blood vessels

- strengthen bones

Using Himalayan salt in food provides our body with essential minerals. Its minerals and nutrients can also be absorbed through the skin by bathing in salty water (about 1kg of salt for a bath). Drinking brine with Himalayan salt – one teaspoon – on an empty stomach could help with arthritis and gout.

External use has been found to improve circulation, skin appearance, fight water retention and remove toxins. Himalayan salt can also be used for dental hygiene, as it will neutralize mouth flora and protect the teeth enamel.

As good as Himalayan salt may be, too much salt is never a good idea, so don’t overdo it.


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