Tombak’s Rules for a Healthy Diet

March 13, 2015 Nutrition

healthy diet

Mikhail Tombak, author of several bestsellers about health and healing using natural cures graduated from the Faculty of biology and chemistry of the Russian University and was head of the Centre for Health Sciences in Moscow.

Approaching a holistic health system, in his most famous books “Can We Live 150 Years?” and “Cure the Incurable”, Tombak recommends internal body cleansing, exercise, breathing properly, eating less, drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juice, using sauna and taking care of our thoughts and emotional needs in order to live a longer and better life.

In his book “Can We Live 150 Years?”, Tombak states a few principles for a healthy diet. Some of them are easy to follow, for others it takes more time and will to carry on. Here they are:

1. Eat only local food or as much as possible.

2. Eat fruit, vegetables and nuts only during their natural ripe season.

3. Try to eat bread without yeast and pastry products from whole grains.

4. Each meal should contain raw vegetables (in summertime) and stewed or pickled vegetables

(in winter).

5. Be careful how you combine food at one meal: high protein food and oil products & raw foods go well together, as well as carbohydrates and oil products & raw foods. The first and the last categories shouldn’t be included at the same meal.

6. Chew every bite (30 to 50 times) very well because digestion starts in your mouth.

7. Prepare the food just before eating it in order to enjoy most of its benefits.

8. Don’t keep leftovers to heat and eat later.

9. Reduce the amount of food with artificial ingredients, refined and smoked products as much as possible

10. Avoid instant meals and canned products as much as possible.

11. Reduce the amount of coffee and tea in your diet.

12. Add spices like pepper or ginger to your food (especially in winter).

13. In summer eat only strawberries, cherries, apples or watermelon for a few days.

14. Fast once a week for 16 or 24 hours, drinking only water.

15. In their season, drink fresh juices made of carrots, beetroot or apples – about 1 litre per day.

16. Prevent constipation – it is the main enemy of health and main cause of aging.

17. Eat moderately from Monday to Friday.

18. On Saturday and Sunday eat whatever you like – according to the principles of ancient doctors even poison in the right amount can be used as a remedy, says Tombak.

These are only a few recommendations that can improve your digestion and allow you to enjoy a better life. To make it easier, start with the ones that require less effort. After you see the first results you will be more motivated to try the other ones too. Good luck!