Pilates and Physical Perfection

March 11, 2013 Sports

pilatesPilates is a body working routine that focuses on building flexibility and coordination of the body without creating muscle bulk. Pilates comes from the name of its inventor, Joseph H. Pilates. Born in 1883 in Germany, he was a very sickly child, suffering from asthma, rheumatic fever and rickets. Joseph began studying how to train his body through body building, gymnastics, and yoga techniques. Thus he managed to overcome his frailty and became a true athlete.

Later on, he dedicated his life to curing others with his own methods. During World War I he created special exercises and equipment for the injured patients who were immobilized. Pilates’s philosophy that physical and mental health are connected influenced his exercise program. The goal of the exercises is to reunite body and mind, using breathing techniques, concentration and control.

Pilates created a program that focuses on variety. He preferred fewer repetitions of more exercises instead of more repetitions of the same exercises. Moreover, once the basic techniques are learned people can practise pilates on their own without the help of a professional trainer.

Although Joseph Pilates used various machines in his therapies, today the most frequently used are mat exercises.

Unlike tae-bo or other exercise routines which are more demanding, pilates is available to anyone, even to those who aren’t used to working out. Nevertheless, in the beginning it’s very important to benefit from the knowledge of a certified instructor who can adapt the exercises for the beginners and avoid injuries.

Among the benefits of regular pilates workout are improved circulation, better posture and beautifully sculpted body, with long and lean muscles.

To make the most of pilates working routine, it is important to breath and concentrate on the movements performed by the body, and slowly repeat the exercises. It’s better to make fewer correct exercises than more exercises, incorrectly performed.

Moreover, don’t forget to:

- hydrate well;

- practise often;

- be patient: flexibility and strength will come in time.

Detailed information on pilates is available here or here.

Last, but not least, keep in mind Joseph Pilates words, telling us that it’s up to us to change our body: “Man’s inherited birthright is physical perfection”.