Homemade Cleaners for a Better Life

March 17, 2013 Lifestyle

homemade cleanersNowadays there are a lot of ready-to-buy green cleaning products which are harmless for our health and for the environment as well. However, you can resort to homemade cleaners when you want to save some money or you have just run out of the usual cleaning products. When you decide to switch to homemade cleaners only it would be better to test them one by one, slowly, in order to find out what works better in your house. It may be a little more difficult at the beginning but it’s for you to decide whether it’s worth the effort or not.

The most common and effective natural cleaning products are vinegar, lemon and baking soda. Their effects can be enhanced by essential oils with antiseptic and antibacterial properties like tea tree essential oil or pine essential oil.


Vinegar is similar to a multi-purpose cleaner. It disinfects and deodorizes despite its persistent smell which actually disappears when it dries. In the kitchen is best to use a diluted solution of vinegar and water (equal parts) and spray it on the surfaces that need cleaning. You can do a nice job cleaning the oven, fridge, and about all kitchen appliances with this solution. It can also work for windows.

In the bathroom the sink, faucets, and tub can be cleaned with vinegar and water but for the toilet it would be best to use undiluted vinegar. You can also add baking soda in the toilet bowl and it will create a foaming reaction. Wait for a few minutes, while the vinegar destroys hard-water lime deposits. Another property of vinegar is that it destroys the soap and water stains on the tile and effectively cleans the bathroom and kitchen floor.

The vinegar and baking soda can be used to clean the drains. Put a handful of baking soda, pour vinegar, wait for a few minutes and then run hot water down.

In order to avoid the acid from causing damages to fine surfaces you should test it on hidden parts first. For example, vinegar is not recommended for marble.


Lemon juice is effective on its own or combined with baking soda and/or vinegar. Together with baking soda, half of a lemon can produce a scrubbing effect on dishes with persistent dirt and stains. Moreover, it has a bleaching effect against coffee or tea marks on kettles. You can also soak heavily stained kitchen objects with baking soda and hot water for a while and then wash them normally.

When mixing the three natural home cleaning products: vinegar, lemon and baking soda, you get a cleaning paste that can be used as a dish washing detergent.

In case you have hardwood furniture at home, a natural polish for the furniture can be obtained by mixing one cup of olive oil and one half cap of lemon juice.

Baking Soda

Besides its already mentioned scrubbing effect, baking soda, as well as coffee grounds, is an effective deodorizer for the refrigerator. Just put it on a plate and it will absorb unpleasant odors.

Kitchen and bathroom objects can be disinfected by rubbing them with baking soda sprinkled on a sponge. Then, rinse with warm water.

Water and baking soda can be a successful formula for cleaning floors, especially when enhanced with pine essential oil that will disinfect and leave a fresh scent.

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