One Hobby and No Stress

April 13, 2013 Mental balance

HobbySometimes our lifestyle is so stressful that it seems to wipe off all the joy. We are so tense that we forget to smile and enjoy the little things. But the more intense the stress, the more we should focus on finding activities to relieve stress. Finding a hobby is one of the most pleasant and fulfilling ways to counterbalance a stressful job and enrich our lives.

The best thing about a hobby is that it doesn’t require previous experience. Once you find it you simply have to take the time to do it, whether it’s reading, working out, gardening, keeping a pet or taking pictures.

If you are in search of a hobby you could try more activities until you find the ONE. And it would be best to choose something that you can afford. You wouldn’t want to limit the frequency of your favourite activity because it is too expensive. This would only add more stress and frustration in your life, instead of relieving it.

Hobbies which relieve stress

The website Deal with stress identifies the top 10 activities that have proven to relieve stress:

  1. Creative crafts
  2. Gardening
  3. Taking care of a pet
  4. Photography
  5. Sports
  6. Scrap booking
  7. Playing with puzzles
  8. Music
  9. Mini-vacation
  10. Reading

There are studies which showed the benefits of these activities. According to the same source, a study of women with a heart condition showed that their heart rate, blood pressure and perspiration rate decreased significantly while performing a simple craft project. Moreover, the relationship between keeping a pet and stress relief has also been showed by other studies. The American Heart Association released a statement that says that a pet, particularly a dog, may decrease the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Reading is also one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. A study carried out by consultancy Mindlab International at the University of Sussex tested a variety of relaxation methods. Reading was the best method, as it reduced stress levels by 68 per cent, according to neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis. Not to mention that this happened after only 6 minutes of reading. The next best methods were listening to music which scored 61 per cent, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee – 54 per cent and taking a walk – 42 per cent.

Besides an effective weapon against stress, a hobby can enhance your personal and professional life. When you do something that you like, you are obviously more relaxed. This will also improve your personal relationships. Moreover, you can get a brilliant idea while performing your favourite hobby and you can later use it in your job. Last, but not least, you can start something as a hobby and then turn this activity into a successful business. Photography or creative crafts like painting, needle work, or knitting could work this way. In fact, this is the definition of the ideal job: getting profit out of something that you enjoy doing. Whether it is only for pleasure or at some point it can become a business, a hobby is one of the best ways to enrich your life.