Why We Should Laugh More

August 19, 2013 Mental balance

laughLaugh and make others laugh! This is one of the unwritten rules that strengthen our social and personal relationships. Whether we realize it or not, we are more comfortable around the people we can connect up to and a good laugh is a great way to connect.

There are a few studies – not very extensive, though – which showed a multitude of other benefits that laughter has on us. From decreasing stress, to protecting the heart and managing pain, these are only a few of its benefits on our body.

Psychological benefits

Healthy Relationships

The quality of our relationships keeps us mentally balanced. Our friends, our family, our partner help us meet the challenges of life. Neuroscients Robert Provine, PhD, quoted by Psychology Today studied laughter which occurred spontaneously in everyday life and gathered the conclusions in “Laughter: A Scientific Investigation”.

Happy couples laugh together – it connects them and ensures a positive emotional climate. Dr. Provine reports that the laughter of the woman is the sign of a good relationship. In time, laughter in couple sharply decreases as people grow old.

Most often, laughing is not even about humor, but about social relationships and sometimes about tickling. Rober Provine writes that one of the best way to make someone laugh is by tickling. At the same time, it is a great way to show affection and keep a healthy couple relationship.

No Stress

Laughter decreases the stress hormones like cortisol and prevents them from attacking the immune system. Thus, we are more prepared to face negative events in life.

Less aggression

When we laugh we are relaxed and less prone to aggression. Laughter has the ability to release the tension and makes us see things from a different perspective.

Physical benefits

Health of the heart

Some studies showed that when we laugh the oxygenation of the blood is increased and the blood pressure is balanced. By consequence, the heart is protected from cardiovascular disease.

Pain endurance

Pain is better endured if someone or something can make us laugh. It seems that this positive effect is caused by the release of endorphins.

Positive impact on blood sugar

Although the exact cause has not been detected yet, some small studies showed that laughing could balance the blood sugar level.

Booster of the immune system

According to some studies, it increases the levels of an antibody which is found in saliva and fights respiratory tract infections.

A better sleep

Laughing relaxes the muscles and prepares us for a good sleep.

Booster of exercise

It wouldn’t be a good idea to stop exercising and just laugh instead, but this has its benefits. About ten minutes of laughter can burn up to 50 calories.

After going through all the info about so many benefits, there’s one thing left to do. Let’s go and find someone to laugh with, as sharing smiles is the best way to do it. Just for the fun of it, regardless of its benefits.

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