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Improve Circulation at Work and Home

February 10, 2013 Sports

improve circulationEating as healthy as possible, positive thinking and prevention measures which support our health and beauty are not enough for a healthy life. Many of us have a job which keeps us seated for at least 8 or 9 hours per day and this is not great news for our feet circulation or general state of health. Moreover, some studies found it to be the cause of shortening our life significantly. So, at east 20-30 minutes of daily exercise is not a matter of choice but simply a must in order to  get in shape and improve circulation.

 A few tricks we could use at work

Sitting on a chair all day long can cause bad circulation of blood in feet. Here are some simple exercises that could help:

  • Once in a while lift your tip toes, alternatively with your heels...

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Our Brain Is a Muscle…

January 31, 2013 Mental balance

brainModern psychologists consider the brain similar to a muscle that we can grow stronger through use and exercise. Thus, if we let ourselves be overwhelmed by negative thoughts this part will become stronger, to the detriment of the positive and confident side.

Once we find ourselves guilty of over working the pessimistic side, it’s time to work on the positive side of the mind.  Each time you detect fears and negative thoughts like: “I’m not good enough/ I’m not gonna make it”, at least two or three optimistic images should take their place. In other words, if  we want to change things, we have to balance our mind through positive images.  We will then be able to counterbalance the effect of the fears and allow the growth of the positive side.

In time, the imbalance between the “dark” si...

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