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Healing Properties of Honey

June 19, 2013 Natural remedies

honeyThe difference between raw honey and the one usually found in the supermarket can be significant. Raw honey which has not been processed, heated or pasteurized has extraordinary healing properties.

On his website, Dr. L.B. Grotte, M.D., quotes a series of articles by Dr. Molan, referring to clinical reports and experimental studies about using honey to treat wounds. The evidence which supports these articles proves that its healing properties are much more than folklore.

Briefly, here’s what honey can do, based on clinical observations:

- Use of honey can reduce inflammation, swelling and pain on wounds and hasten the healing, sometimes in a spectacular way, just in a few days. Different studies indicated that infected wounds become sterile in 3 to 10 days when using honey dressings.

- A...

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Natural Remedies for Eyes Wrinkles

April 21, 2013 Beauty

Eyes WrinklesEyes wrinkles … sooner all later we see them and there is not much we can do about them. However, when eyes wrinkles and crow feet appear at an early age there are natural remedies we could resort to in order to reduce them.

Here are the most frequently recommended natural solutions to keep the skin toned and prevent wrinkles for as long as possible.

General lifestyle recommendations

  1. It’s not just words that beauty comes from the inside. For instance, Dandelion can detox the skin, purify the blood and lymphatic system, thus making our skin healthier and more beautiful. Other herbs that could help are Horsetail and Rosemary.
  2. According to studies made at the University of Maryland Medical Center, green and black tea, as well as soy extracts could be effective in reducing under eyes wri...
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