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11 Reasons for Inline Skating

June 13, 2013 Sports

roller skatingExercising doesn’t have to be boring and bothersome. You can really have fun while you put your muscles to work and tone your body. Swimming, inline skating and cycling are fun, that’s for sure. But they are very healthy, at the same time. Today we deal with roller skating.

11 reasons to roller skate your way to health

It’s better than jogging because of its low impact on joints.

Being an outdoor activity, inline skating is better for your mental health, it gives you more energy and more positive engagement.

It improves your coordination, mobility, balance and agility.

It improves blood circulation and is a great workout for the heart.

It develops especially the muscles of the lower body: thighs, butt and lower leg muscles. Skating is one of the best exercises for the butt muscles.

It tone...

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