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How to Attract Positive Energy

February 17, 2014 Mental balance

positive energyEverything around us – people or things – has a vibe to it which can impact our energy in a positive or negative way. Positive energy is much more than empty words and we can learn how to nurture and attract it. The thing is that we often don’t even realize that with our thoughts, words and actions we do just the opposite. Every time we worry for unimportant issues, every time we give into stress and receive everything as a burden, every time we say things such as “ugly”, “problem”, “I can’t take it anymore” we create the perfect environment for negative energy to take over.

So, what can we really do to be more positive? Of course it is easier said than done but let’s see a few tricks:

  1. Live for the moment – not for yesterday, not for tomorrow – Our life is made up of ...
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So, what exactly is Feng Shui?

May 8, 2013 Lifestyle

feng shuiFeng Shui Philosophy

Many of us know that Feng Shui has something to do with the Chinese art of interior design in which certain elements fit in a specific place to attract positive energies. Let’s try to get a little bit more info about Feng Shui. Nothing too complicated, only the basics.

The terms mean wind (Feng) and water (Shui), two natural elements crucial to humankind survival. Feng Shui is based on the Taoist philosophy of living in harmony with all elements of nature. All living things are considered filled with life energy or qi.

Feng Shui aims at bringing balance and comfort into our environment, whether it’s our home or office environment...

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